Frequently Asking Question

HOF provides customized services in
  1. Documentary Wedding Photography &Story Telling Cinematography
  2. Pre/ Post Wedding Photography and Cinematography
  3. Fashion Photography, Portfolio Shoot, Concept Shoot, Runway Fashion Week
There are many photography style such as candid, documentary, photojournalistic, art wedding photography, directional approach etc. What we do is a mixture of all of these styles depending upon the moments and what we"re aiming to achieve.
We do not limit the number of images we shoot during a wedding (the wonders of digital photography!). We generally click more than 4,000 images for typical two-day-wedding. After a painstaking review, we reject around 60-70% of that due to bad expressions, bad lighting, distractions in the frame and so on. We generally edit 200 nos. images for a two-day wedding.
A 3-4 minutes cinematic trailer and a 15-20 minute cinematic film are our main deliverables. Along with that we may provide you full videos for performances/interviews etc.
Editing image/ film is a creative process and we take it very seriously. Each film goes through a series of iterations till we reach a point where we can proudly say " this is our best work till date". It usually takes 10 weeks from the date of wedding. We usually present the album options to you at this time, and upon final payment, the album will take another 2 weeks to reach your doorstep.
We request you to convey your choice within 7 days from the date of event. We usually allow one round of minor changes to the wedding trailer and film. We completely understand that there is always room for changes and edits, and want to ensure that you"re absolutely happy with what you get - after all, it"s your wedding! We urge you to tell us all the changes in one go so that we can incorporate them in the first go.
It hardly matters to us as a photographer; we are artists and can create stunning imagery even with the basic gear. It"s always about man behind the machine but having said that if you really want to know then: CANON 5d Mark-IV, Nikon D750, 24-70 mm,70-200mm, 20mm, 35mm, 50mm, 16-35mm, GODOX lighting equipment, Magmod, DJI Ronin Gimbal, DJI Phantom 4 pro, monopod, Tripod the list is endless
Destination wedding / post wedding (Foreign location) is modern concept of wedding. We travel all over the world. Our core service charges are same for outstation. However, transportation (Flight) and proper accommodation need to be provided by Client.
We have a full in-house team of photographers and cinematographers. We cover limited wedding per year and only one wedding at a time to provide you best wedding photography & Cinematography. We have everything you need under one roof - which gives us the freedom to be able to create a single cohesive story using still and moving images for your wedding.
We believe in quality and not quantity. A large team may kill your frame / composition. Further, a small team may not be able to capture your whole wedding story. Usually, for a mid-sized wedding (120-150 people approximately), we have a crew of 5-6 people. Having said that, every wedding is different and we would require talking with you personally to decide the number of people needed.
We highly recommend that you hire one unit for the entire package. When we cover a wedding, we are shooting your story from a certain perspective that reflects in both our photography and films. Hiring two teams can cause a clash of ideas, and end product would not reflect the best for both the units.
Yes, definitely! We will work very closely with you. We request you to submit a list of names with photos, which is later distributed to the team. We will make every effort to ensure that these people aren"t missed out.
The sky is the limit - and if you"ve dreamt it - we"ll make it happen. Our pricing/packages are flexible and customized as per the requirement of Clients. Price varies with location, duration, gathering etc. We request to fix an appointment for exact pricing.However, our basic package starts from INR 50K per day.
Well, the first is that we will be booking our full day to be available for you, and therefore lose out on other potential assignments we could have shot that day.
The second, and more important one is that in our experience during Indian weddings, things average out. Your wedding day may (and most probably will) involve shooting overtime, as Indian weddings aren"t known to get over without a song and a dance! We won"t be charging you for working extra if your wedding needs it, so at the end of the day, things really do average out.
Booking fee is 20% of total package cost which is payable on signing of Agreement. 70% of total package cost shall be payable before First Day of event. Balance 10% amount needs to be paid on delivery of video and edited images /RAW images (in case client wants to shortlist on her/his own) Payment Mode shall be online transfer/ Cash.
We truly understand how expensive it is to get married. There are a million things you need to pay for, and some of them are more challenging than others. However, premium wedding photography& Cinematography also comes at a price - and we can"t even begin to start justifying the effort it takes to deliver quality products like the ones you see on this website. Either way, please do get in touch with us - we may be more affordable than you think!
Yes. In fact, no project can be successful without your help. We need a coordinator from your side during the entire event.