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Our lead team members

Our lead team members

Naba (Managing Director)

After a long and distinguished corporate career as Electrical Engineer, he decided to follow his passion and started his journey as a photographer. Naba has diversified his skills into wedding photography and added his creativity in numerous wedding assignments. He takes care of overall operations and leads the team of HALL OF FRAME.

Anjan (Creative Director)

He started his career as Architect in a leading Architecture Company in India. Anjan's passion for traveling enables him to document people, cultures and traditions, unveiling rare glimpse at humanity's hidden stories. Anjan has been practicing photography for the past 7 years. His photography has been recognized by National Geographic Channel. Anjan plays a key role as production in-charge for Photography and Cinematography.

Deb Director (Photography)

Deb has been into the photography field for the past 6 years. Initially a Structural Engineer who believes the occasion of marriage is a fascinating opportunity to capture moods, emotions, excitement, joy, feelings, humor and all fragrance of life. He takes it upon him to make sure our company is always technically abreast with the current market scenario, so as to produce a perfect professional production.

Soumita Director (Marketing)

After completing Masters in Business Administration in Marketing & HR from Calcutta University, Soumita worked with various Organizations as Market Researcher/ Analyst for more than 5 years. She lives in fantasyland and feels that every couple has a magical story which can be translated into Frame. Soumita loves to create visual stories and plays a very crucial part in HOF to promote the business professionally.

Girish Director (Cinematography)

He is alumni of Asian Academy of Film & Television, Noida. Girish worked as Cinematographer in many short films and movies. He captures the moments in such way which makes it lively always. He has a strong sense of composition. Girish keeps himself in front to find the new and creative ideas. He leads Cinematography team and video editing in HALL OF FRAME.